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Remediation & Reclamation Services

Driven to Provide Long-Term Prosperity for Land Resources

Remediation and reclamation is the process of returning wells, pipelines, gas plants, coal mines, or soil sands mines sites to the state of functionality as it was before the project began. Once a site is no longer needed or no longer in production, remediation and reclamation services are required. Our specialized earthworks services assist in reclaiming the land. This includes:

  • Specialized earthworks for pipeline integrity programs
  • Backfill & Site Restoration

As an essential part of long term prosperity for land resources, remediation and reclamation ensures that the land can return to a productive state.

AER compliant Remediation & Reclamation Services

At Driven Resources, we ensure any site requiring remediation & reclamation follows AER regulations. This includes addressing surface reclamation issues and subsurface contamination. It’s our priority to follow strategic practices that minimize environmental damages during reclamation. Also, provide detailed reports during the process. Call Driven Resources for your remediation and reclamation services.

Driven To Achieve Our Clients’ Goals