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Hydrovac Services

Providing Hydrovac Services that are Safe & Precise

When working around high voltage work and utility lines, a hydrovac ensures safe and precise excavation. It’s also non-destructive meaning it uses high pressure water and a large vacuum hose for exposing pipelines and other valuable components underground while doing minimal destruction. As a recommendation, Hydrovac trucks should be used in place of backhoes or trenchers to reduce the risk of underground damage. Wrecking any underground lines is costly which is why a Hydrovac is the safest option. Furthermore, after the water and ground mixture is vacuumed, it can be disposed of onsite or at another disposal facility. Along with daylighting (also meaning line-exposure), our hydrovac services include:

  • Utility line exposure
  • Natural Gas line excavation
  • Ground Sloping
  • Pipeline Trenching
  • Fibre Optic Line Exposure and other high voltage lines
  • Plant turnaround operations

Choose Driven Resources for your 24HR Hydrovac Services

Our Hydrovac trucks are available 24hrs of the day throughout the year. This includes during the winter when pipelines can freeze or the ground is too hard to dig through with other machinery. Using hot water and increased pressure, our hydrovac trucks can dig to any desired depth despite all the frost.

Frozen Ground Excavation:

  • Frost Cutting
  • Frost Steaming & Thawing

Additional Hydrovac Services:

  • Spill cleanup
  • Splice pits
  • Dewatering
  • Ditch/culvert & manhole cleaning
  • Industrial cleaning, dust abatement programs

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