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Health, Safety, & Environment

Our Priorities

Safety is by far an area where the most emphasis is placed. If work is to be done, it MUST be done safely. Driven Resources Ltd. is committed to the highest level of Health and Safety for all of our employees; both on and off the job site. We require all of our employees to be familiar with our safety program, and to use it as it applies to their tasks. Safety is our #1 priority.

The Environment is another main concern of Driven Resources Ltd. All of our workers engaging in any earth moving are trained in ground disturbance, as well as on the proper disposal of any waste materials. Recycling is also a key factor at Driven Resources Ltd.

Driven Resources Ltd. holds a Certificate of Recognition for Small Employers (SECOR) from Alberta Construction Safety Association, and is a member with Complyworks, CQN Advantage & ISNetworld.

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